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Mainstreaming Cross-Cutting Issues


  • Undertake gender analysis at the inception of the program to better understand the root causes of the gender imbalance, and design measures.
  • Give priority to female HHs in all development interventions.
  • Enhance the capacity of the community (e.g., elders, religious leaders, etc.) and concerned local government bodies to bring about attitudinal change and enforcement of gender equity board on the interest & plans of the reference local government offices
  • Conduct gender self-assessment to check gender-responsiveness of ASE’s development interventions.
  • Enhance the capacity of grassroots women associations, youth and the wereda women’s affairs office to promote and implement gender initiatives, and
  • Promote gender balance in the organization.


  • Conduct survey on HIV/AIDS-related behavior of the communities;
  • Educate the community about HIV/AIDS and reproductive health, as well as to mobilize it into combating HIV/AIDS;
  • Design appropriate interventions that aimed at supporting people who live with HIV/AIDS;
  • Create linkage between PLWHAs and CSs that run care and support Programes, with a view to helping the former get the support they need; and
  • Implement ASE’s staff HIV/AIDS Workplace Policy
  • Develop creative ways to mainstream HIV in all programs as well as to come up with a standalone & innovative HIV projects that responds to the needs in the grass root community.


ASE is committed to sound environmental management in program development and implementation. ASE will make sure that its strategy for strengthening agricultural production relies on agro-ecological farming practices that depend little on external inputs (chemical products, fuel and machinery) and use environmentally friendly methods, resulting in both economically profitable and sustainable agriculture.

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