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Completed Projects ( summary )

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Promoting Pro-Poor Value Chains and Agricultural Marketing in Amaro Woreda
Burji Integrated Food Security Project        
Consolidation of Community Empowerment in Tehulederie        
Sustainable land management in Sherat Micro-catchment of the Gonjy Watershed        
Recovery and Resilience Building Project for Nyangatom Woreda SNNPRS        
Recovery and Resilience Program for Dasenech Woreda, South Omo Zone of Ethiopia        
Goncha Siso Enesie Capacity Development Program        
Building Resilient Communities to Drought Risks and Disaster in five kebeles of Dilo Woreda        
Enhancing the Resilience of Pastoralist Communities to Drought Risk in Dillo Woreda, Borena Zone of Oromia National Regional State (DRR-4)        
Rebuilding Initiative for Sustainable Pastoralist Livelihood in Borena, Ethiopia (RISE) Project        
Debate Community Capacity Development Program        
Small Scale Irrigation Development with Solar Energy at Dassenech Woreda        
Community Capacity Development Project (CCDP) in Dassenech Woreda, PPA II        
Dhasanech Community Capacity Development Program, Ethiopia          
Dhasanech Community Productive Capacity Enhancement Project        
Dassenech Community Capacity Development Project (PPA III)       
Amaro Integrated Food Security Program(2001- 2010)Impact Catalogue        
Agricultural Market Growth Bulla Value Chain in Amaro
Debate Community Capacity Development Program phase II
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